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Bioaugmentation consists in an increase of selected bacteria that will help naturally the process of biological degradation of organic compounds.

This technology increases the capacity of existing microbial population in wastewater treatment systems. When organic compounds are degraded they are converted into H2O, CO2 and energy, which is used by the bacteria in their rapid process of multiplication.


It’s applied to all wastewater treatment systems and all kinds of industries that no longer have sufficient capacity or have a less efficient performance:

  •          Lagooning systems;
  •          Industrial or municipal wastewater treatment plants;
  •          Leachate treatment systems;
  •          Tanks or ditches of organic waste;
  •          Lakes or fountains.


The solutions support livestocks, slaughterhouses, food industries, distilleries, WWTPs, leachate waters from landfills and other activities where there is organic waste, with the aim of achieving the desired quality of treated effluent.


This process has the following advantages:

  • Increases efficiency of the wastewater treatment system;
  • Reduces levels of BOD, COD, TSS and others;
  • Decomposes excess nutrients (ammonia, nitrites, nitrates and phosphates);
  • Liquefies and degrades organic matter with greater speed and efficiency;
  • Degrades fats and unwanted foams (FOGs);
  • Eliminate odors;
  • Reduces populations of pathogens;
  • Produces several types of enzymes;
  • It’s a solution of easy application.


Atlas Seis sells non-pathogenic biological products in liquid form, of natural origin, completely biodegradable.

See our brochures:

ORGANIC DIGESTOR - Developed for livestocks wastewaters

BIODIGESTOR - Developed for wastewaters with increased organic matter and/or grease

BIOAQUA - Developed  for lakes and fountains with algae problems

FRAGRANCE - Neutralize odors


The bacteria used are not genetically engineered and are selected based on their ability to degrade certain products that are required to treat.


The reduction of parameters and odors through bioaugmentation is not an instantaneous process in which results immediately arise. The evolution of the results follows the process of implementation and growth of bacteria introduced in the system. As they assume predominance, they take control over the consumption of organic matter and begin to generate less offensive gaseous products. This is an ongoing process, limited by the evolution of bacteria and, therefore, it takes a few weeks to clearly see the results.


The intended effect of this technology is to help Nature to play its role because, in treatment systems, the conditions sometimes are not ideal.


The initial charge in the first applications will always be stronger, to ensure a good efficiency in the implementation of the bacteria in the system. Gradually, the quantities decrease until it reaches the dose of maintenance. The combination of appropriate strains with the appropriate dosage leads to highly cost-effective solutions.


The implementation of our bioaugmentation program is always based on a prior technical and specific analysis for each treatment system, which depends on the parameter being reduced and on the flow/volume being treated. Each system is unique so it is always important to do a global analysis of the treatment system and study possible oscillations.


Bioaugmentation is an economic solution, easy to implement, that rehabilitates the process of wastewater treatment.


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