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Projects and Consulting

Atlas Seis is a multidisciplinary company in the energy and environment fields, which develops consulting activities and projects relating to the economic and environmental viability in the area of waste treatment and energy recovery. The company develops an integrated activity ensuring its environmental viability, the value of its effects on economical development and the minimization of impacts.

In the energy and environmental fields, designing solutions to customer needs requires the analysis of different factors that will determine the success of each project. Atlas Seis evaluates each case individually and proposes solutions which meets the defined objectives and satisfies the customer. The consultancy provided by Atlas Seis, presents, supports and enables the existing alternatives, in order to sustain the final decision of the client.

Atlas Seis has the technical and technological knowledge in energetic efficiency, as well as the ability to determine the economic potential of the possible energetic savings, in order to help the clients’ decision making process. It is essential that the solutions are sustainable in terms of investment and operation, thus providing quality service.

The company performance covers all project phases, since its development, construction and operation, ensuring adequate solutions for each case.

Relying on the large experience in its areas of expertise, Atlas Seis consulting services cover the following areas:

  • Development, construction and operation of biogas production and valorisation centrals;
  • Development and construction of industrial WWTPs;
  • Feasibility studies for biogas recovery systems implementation;
  • Biogas treatment technologies;
  • Wastewater treatment technologies.


Any consulting request related with the areas described above can be sent to the following email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..