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Atlas Seis has supplied various Capstone microturbines ranging from 30 kW to 60 kW.

We are not official Capstone dealers but we have surplus and used units in stock for sale.

The Capstone Microturbines systems are compacts and have ultra-low-emission generators applicable for combined heat and power applications.

The flexibility of this equipment is visible on the number of different fuels that are suitable to use on the microturbine systems. Mainstream fuels, like Diesel or Natural Gas, are useable as well as renewable fuels like Biogas, Biodiesel, or Vegetable Oils.

An alternator driven by the engine is responsible for the electrical energy production in this system. Microturbines can be also adapted with a heat exchanger to produce both electrical and thermal power.

Thermal energy comes from the heat exchanger, which uses the energy from the engine's coolant and exhaust gases.

The microturbine is quite different from the usual processes. Using a new technology, which eliminates any oil and coolant from the equation, the microturbine is both cleaner and more environment friendly.

Advantages of using a Capstone Microturbine:

  • Ultra-low gas emissions;
  • Minimal maintenance;
  • No coolant;
  • No lube oil;
  • Small size;
  • Silent. 


This system is targeted to anyone who wants to be self sufficient in Electric and Thermal Energy production. The micro-cogeneration system can profitably be used in situations where there is electricity being consumed and there is a need of hot water or air.

With this system you can reduce your electric bill, and also take the advantage of the thermal energy, also lowering your monthly bills.

Typical customers for these systems are wastewater plants, intensive livestock industries, hotels, pools, health clubs, etc.

In the last years we have supplied and installed many Capstone microturbines in Portugal, for production of combined heat and power as well as for just electricity production. Some of our projects are listed below.

Microturbines in a Distillery

Fuel Type: Biogas

Industry: Distillery

Number of turbines: 3

Electric Power installed: 2 x 30 kWe + 1 x 60 kWe = 120 kWe

Microturbines in a Wastewater Treatment Plant

Fuel Type: Biogas

Industry: Wastewater Tratment Plant

Number of turbines: 2

Electric Power installed: 1 x 30 kWe + 1 x 30 kWe = 60 kWe

Microturbines in a Livestock

Fuel Type: Biogas

Industry: Livestock

Number of turbines: 1

Electric Power installed: 1 x 30 kWe = 30 kWe

  Microturbines in a Plastic Pyrolysis Station

Fuel Type: Pyrolysis gas

Industry: Landfill

Number of turbines: 2

Electric Power installed: 1 x 60 kWe + 1 x 60 kWe = 120 kWe


We have also had the chance to supply many used microturbines worldwide, having them working with a wide variety of fuels like methanol, natural gas, landfill gas, etc.

If you would like to receive more information about our microturbines, do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.